Friday, March 21, 2008


NO BEIJING is a collection of bands around Beijing that share a similar aesthetic with New York city's short lived No Wave.
1. "Unknown! The first band on disc 2 of No Beijing (in Chinese! we can only read Engrish at best!)"
2. "I Want To Be Your Dog" - Car Sick Cars
3. "Unknown! More Chinese track names!" - Car Sick Cars
4. "Catch You Low" - Snapline
5. "Spinning" - Snapline
6. "Jenny" - Snapline
7. "Catch You Low (encore!)" - Snapline
8. "S 2" - Snapline
9. "FirstWomanOnTheMoon" - Cosmic Shenggy
10."Conch Crunch" - WHITE

Saturday, March 8, 2008

French Pop

This week we considered French Pop, perhaps the polar opposite of the krautrock. It's great stuff though; simple, catchy, romantic, all the good mushy stuff. Too bad though, because the server got screwed somehow and didn't record the show. Well, here is a play list of what we played. Although No Wave No Diego usually plays music that is on the "cutting edge," we still think a simple good pop melody goes a long way.

1. "Boum!" - Charles Trenet 2. "Alice" - Chat3. "La derive" - Chat4. "Petit con" - Chat 5. "Je te vois" - Chat 6. "Melody" - Serge Gainsbourg 7. "Gloria" - Coralie Clement 8. "Mai 40" - Jacques Brel 9. "Cybele's Reverie" - Stereolab 10."Percolator" - Stereolab 11."Slogan" - Blonde Redhead 12."Faut-il Que Je T'Aime" - France Gall 13."Musique Automatique" - Stereo Total 14."Doigts" - Francoise Hardy 15."Le Forme et le fond" - Keren Ann 16."Paris Combo" - Fibre de Verre 17."Marilou Sous la Neige" - Serge Gainsbourg 18."Si la Photo Est" - Bonne Barbara 19."Cet Air La" - France Gall 20."C'est Pas Faciled'etre une Fille" - France Gall21."La Polka du Roi" - Charles Trenet 22."Des Ronds Dans l'Eau" - Francoise Hardy 23."La Bière" - Jacques Brel 24."Les Bonbons" - Jacques Brel 25."Miss Rebellion des Hormones" - Stereo Total 26."Ballade de Melody Nelson" - Serge Gainsbourg 27."L'illusionniste" - Karen Ann 28."La Vie en Rose" - Edith Piaf