Thursday, January 22, 2009


'08 came and went! We played lots of music in 08. Had a few concerts (Battlehooch played a sick set, interviewed thee Oh Sees, and M&M Blues revolutionized the world, etc. etc.), a few avant-garde performances (Post-Thanksgiving free improv, performance of Cage's 4'33'', etc. etc.) and we played one horrible drone piece (yuck!).

Anyways, thank you for listening and your kind words about our show. Keeping this blog updated is tough stuff but we will try our best to keep going! More great shows coming up in 2009.

Oy vey!

Here is the link for some of our favorites from 08:

1.Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To
2.Aufgehoben - Jederf├╝rsich...
3.Xiu Xiu - Under Pressure
4.Excepter - Kill People
5.Q-Tip - Shaka
6.The Goslings - Brohm Bramin
7.Thee Oh Sees - Maria Stacks
8.Crystal Castles - Alice Practice
9.Gang Gang Dance - Bebey
10.Gang Gang Dance- First Communion
11.Flying Lotus - Camel
12.Fennesz - Saffron Revolution
13.Experimental Dental School - Microscope Lab Voices
14.Yellow Swans - Burnt Dub
15. Times New Viking - Teen Drama
16.Times New Viking - My Head
17.The Raveonettes - Aly, Walk With Me
18.Original Silence - Argument Left Hanging/Rubber Cement
19.Evangelista - The Blue Room
20.Evangelista - Truth Is Dark Like Outer Space
21.Deerhoof - Jagged Fruit