Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Firstly Firsts

No Wave No Diego ->

  • a 2-hour weekly online radio show loosly based on new music and/or new music aesthetics.
  • _blank_
  • broadcast from KSDT radio (ksdt.ucsd.edu) situated in the University of California, San Diego (famous for the Che Cafe: checafe.ucsd.edu).
  • _four_
  • program will be post here in MP3 format for free download, thus check back often.
  • _repetition_
  • myspace: myspace.com/nowavenodiego
  • _not)least)_
  • interested in hearing new music from any part of the world. Input from listeners greatly appreciated: no.wave.no.diego@gmail.com
  • >__listen__<

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