Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ahead of the Pack

This week we loosely focused on "avant-garde" music of the 20th century. Music that contained Various techniques were featured: chance, serialism, minimalism, etc. We also organized a concert of two works: "Four" by Mehrdad Yazdani and John Cage's classic silent piece. "Four" was a premier performance and more details about the piece and performance to be posted later.
The tracklist:
1. "Ur Sonata" - Kurt Schwitters
2. "Chess Pieces/Sonatas and Interludes" - John Cage
3. "Four" - Mehrdad Yazdani
4. "4'33"" - John Cage
5. "Apparitions: II. Agitato" - Gyorgy Ligeti
6. "San Francisco Polyphony" - Gyorgy Ligeti
7. "Phase Patterns" - Steve Reich
8. "Electronische Musik" - Karlheinz Stockhausen


Elan said...

so whats the deal with tomorrow?? is the go team! actually performing live in the radio studio? not really sure why this blog was listed on the flier when there is absolutely no info about the event here...

//NO//WAVE//NO//DIEGO// said...

An animal: http://joeweatherly.net/paintings_url/paintings%20full_size/Danger%20on%20the%20Jungle%20Floor.jpg