Friday, July 3, 2009

No Wave No Diego Policy Changes!! And! Introducing FALD!

Attention! Attention! This just in!!

We here at the No Wave No Diego headquarters have reached a new policy which we will initiate immediately, by executive decree! If you have been following our programme, then you know that every week we focused on a specific theme in music(this very blog is a testament to that). But, if you listened really closely (or maybe from a distant), then you would have noticed that we tend to focus on "new" (AKA "extreme" AKA "experimental" AKA "avant garde", etc) music a great deal of the time. And, occasionally, we would also play music that is very accessible, commercial, and fun.

Thus, the plan is to split the show in TWO, like a schism. The first hour of show will be "pop" music oriented (we loosely define pop as anything that is "tonal"). That show, dubbed "fuck art, let's dance!", will be hosted on

As for No Wave No Diego, we will continue doing shows but we will now focus solely on "new" music. Hopefully this way it will make everyone happy!!!


Shoot away any questions, whatever!


HR of No Wave No Diego


Twisted Rebel said...

That sounds like a pretty good idea. Hey, tell Josh to email me! I had computer problems again. He'll understand.

Walker said...

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