Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Japanoise: whatever extreme ridiculous noise music you heard, Japan out does it. Too bad most of these guys are not appreciated in their own country as much.
1. "This Is" - Fushitsusha
2. "Go To the Other Side" - C.C.C.C.
3. "Area 877" - Melt Banana
4. "Those Unmanageable Multiple Personalities We Have Been Made To Possess, We Try To Brainwash Ourselves That Their Uses Are Many B" - Knead
5. "Super You" - Boredoms
6. Several Tracks - The Gerogerigegege
7. "Just Abandoned My-Self" - Boris with Merzbow
8. "I Did Are" - Afrirampo
9. "Op. 1 (For 9 Strings): II" - Ryoji Ikeda
10."The Last Recording Album" - Hijokaidan
11."Toi Hibiki" - Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble

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