Friday, April 18, 2008

Second Viennese School

The Second Viennese School consisted mainly of three composers: Alban Berg, Arnold Schoenberg, and Anton Webern. Schoenberg formally broke down tonality in the Western music and it hasn't been the same since. Thus there are people who find the works of these composers inaccessible (some even call it "not real music"). We think it's great. While tonal music is ultimately predictable, atonal music is always fresh and full of surprises. Here we played some tonal and atonal pieces by these great three.

1. "5 orchestral pieces" - Arnold Schoenberg
2. "Sonata, Op. 1" - Alban Berg
3. "Slow Movement for String Quartet" - Anton Webern
4. "5 Movements for String Quartet" - Anton Webern
5. "Suite for Piano, Op. 25" - Arnold Schoenberg
6. "Piano Quintet" - Anton Webern
7. "5 Lieder on poems, Op. 4" - Anton Webern
8. "5 Movements, Op. 5" - Anton Webern
9. "5 Pieces for Orchestra" - Anton Webern

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